Aerosmith | Official Band T-Shirt | Aero Force
Aerosmith | Official Band T-Shirt | Aero Force
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Aerosmith | Official Band T-Shirt | Aero Force

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Introducing a wearable emblem of rock 'n' roll's enduring legacy, the HeyRusty "Aero Force 1" Aerosmith Unisex Tee pays homage to the legendary band's iconic journey while encompassing their distinct style and spirit in a single captivating design.

Drizzled with a classic shade of midnight black, this tee captures the timeless essence of Aerosmith's music—the epitome of rock's raw energy and charisma. The deep hue serves as the canvas for a bold graphic that radiates the band's unmistakable flair.

Front and center, the Aero Force 1 emblem takes flight—an embodiment of Aerosmith's status as rock 'n' roll pioneers. The emblem stands as a symbol of their unwavering commitment to music and their fans, resonating with the same intensity that defines their stadium-shaking performances.

Crafted with meticulous care, this unisex tee envelops you in comfort, echoing the familiarity of their timeless hits. The fabric embodies the same free-spirited energy that Aerosmith has channelled into their music for decades.

Whether you're turning up the volume on "Dream On" or immersing yourself in the electrifying riffs of "Sweet Emotion," the HeyRusty "Aero Force 1" Aerosmith Unisex Tee lets you carry the legacy of rock 'n' roll royalty. Join the league of dedicated fans who celebrate Aerosmith's monumental impact, one chord at a time, and let your fashion resonate with the power of their melodies.

  • Digital screen print design
  • Cotton
  • Soft-style finish
  • Short sleeves
  • Crew neck finish
  • Rock Off officially licensed product

    Clothing Size Guide

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    Men’s (Unisex) round necked T-Shirt
    Chest inches (C) Length inches (L) Chest cm (C) Length cm (L)
    X-Small 17.5" 25.5" 45.5cm 65cm
    Small 18.5” 26.5” 47cm 67.5cm
    Medium 19.5” 27.5” 49.5cm 70cm
    Large 21” 28.5” 53.5cm 72.5cm
    X-Large 22” 29.5” 56cm 75cm
    2X-Large 23” 30.5” 58.5cm 77.5cm
    3X-Large 24" 31.5" 61cm 80cm
    4X-Large 25" 32.5" 63.5cm 82.5cm
    5X-Large 26" 33.5" 66cm 85cm
    Tolerance +/- 2cm


    Women's Conversion Sizes for Unisex T-Shirt
    UK US EU Chest cm (C) Chest inches (C)
    X-Small 10 6 38 45.5cm 17.5"
    Small 12 8 40 47cm
    Medium 14 10 42 49.5cm
    Large 16 12 44 53.5cm
    X-Large 18 14 46 56cm
    2X-Large 20 16 48 58.5cm
    3X-Large 22 18 50 61cm 24"
    4X-Large 24 20 52 63.5cm 25"
    5X-Large 26 22 54 66cm 26"
    Tolerance +/- 2cm


    Hoodies / Sweatshirt Size Chart
    Length inches (L) Chest inches (C) Length cm (L) Chest cm (C)
    2X-Small 22” 19” 56cm 48cm
    X-Small 23” 20” 59cm 51cm
    Small 25” 21” 63cm 53cm
    Medium 26.5” 22” 67cm 56cm
    Large 27.5” 24” 70cm 61cm
    X-Large 29” 25” 73cm 64cm
    2X-Large 30” 26” 76cm 66cm
    3X-Large 31" 27" 79cm 68cm
    Tolerance +/- 2cm


    Women’s Round neck / V neck T-Shirt
    Chest inches (C) Length inches (L) Chest cm (C) Length cm (L)
    Small 16” 23” 40.5cm 58.5cm
    Medium 17” 24” 43cm 61cm
    Large 18” 25” 45.75cm 63.5cm
    X-Large 19.5” 26” 49.5cm 66cm
    Tolerance +/- 2cm


    Women’s Sizing Chart
    UK US EU
    X-Small 6 4 38
    Small 8 6 40
    Medium 10 8 42
    Large 12 10 44
    X-Large 14 12 46
    2X-Large 16 14 48


    Women’s Crew neck T-Shirt
    Width (W) Length (L) Waist (WT)
    Width inches (W) Width cm (W) Length inches (L) Length cm (L) Waist inches (WT Waist cm (WT)
    Small 16” 40.5cm 23” 58.5cm 15” 38.5cm
    Medium 17” 43cm 24” 61cm 16” 41cm
    Large 18” 45.75cm 25” 63.5cm 17.5” 44cm
    X-Large 19.5” 49.5cm 26” 66cm 19” 47.5cm
    Tolerance +/- 3/4” - 2cm


    Women’s Sizing Chart
    UK US EU
    X-Small 6 4 34
    Small 8 6 36
    Medium 10 8 40
    Large 12 10 44
    X-Large 14 12 42



    Children’s round necked T-Shirt
    Chest inches (C) `Length inches (L) Chest cm (C) Length cm (L) Years
    X-Small 12” 16” 30.5cm 40.5cm 3 - 4 Years
    Small 13” 17.5” 33cm 44.5cm 5 - 6 Years
    Medium 14” 19” 35.5cm 48cm 7 - 8 Years
    Large 15” 20” 38cm 51cm 9 - 10 Years
    X-Large 16” 21” 40.5cm 53.5cm 11 - 12 Years
    2X-Large 17” 23” 43cm 58.5cm 13 - 14Years
    Tolerance +/- 2cm



    Toddler Sizes - Baby Grow Range
    Size Age
    Small 12 months
    Medium 18 Months
    Large 2 Years
    X-Large 3 Years
    XX-Large 4 Years
    XXX-Large 5 Years

    Chest inches (C) Chest cm (C) Length inches (L) Length cm (L) Sleeve Length inches (SL)
    Sleeve Length cm (SL)
    Small/Medium 25” 63cm 46” 117cm 23” 58cm
    Medium/Large 26” 65cm 47” 120cm 24” 60cm
    Large/X-large 27” 67cm 48” 123cm 25” 62cm
    Tolerance +/- 3/4” - 2cm

    Returns & Refunds

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    Thanks for purchasing from Hey Rusty.

    We offer a full money-back guarantee on purchases made from our website that are faulty or you are not satisfied with.

    At this time we can only accept returns from UK customers only

    Please send your order back to:

    Hey Rusty
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    If you are outside the UK and you believe that the garment we have sent you is faulty, we will happily refund you. 

    Please inform us of the return within 14 calendar days of receiving your order.

    The goods need to have the original tags still intact. Please also try to fold the t-shirt as neatly as you can back into the original plastic bag.

    After the 14-day period you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund. We encourage our customers to try the product in the first two weeks after their purchase to ensure it fits your needs.

    If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us

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